Advancare Exam Grade PF Nitrile Gloves, Blue (100)


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When it comes to protective gloves, the Advancare Exam Grade PF Nitrile gloves make a distinctive mark. Crafted without latex, they provide an extremely strong barrier and shield against bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and other dangerous substances.

Tailored with a custom design that lets you will appreciate with enhanced comfort and fit that these gloves promise. The textured fingertips ensure you maintain an impeccable grip, while their ability to withstand chemotherapy agents further amplifies their safety profile.

A meticulous design and unmatched protection, making these gloves an essential choice for those who prioritize safety without compromising comfort.

  • Latex Free
  • Protection against bacteria, viruses, chemicals and dangerous substances
  • Custom design enhanced comfort and fit
  • Textured fingertips for enhanced grip
  • Chemotherapy tested
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